My Pinterest Portfolio

Here are a few samples of my pin design skills.

All designs here are unique and were created by me in Photoshop using stock photo images or my own images.

Small business marketing on a tight budget 2020
The Everything Small Budget Business Marketing Guide 2020
Small Budget Small Business Marketing Guide 2020
23 adorable alsace villages portfolio pin
23 adorable alsace villages portfolio pin
23 adorable alsace villages for you to discover pinterest pin portfolio
Overloaded or overjoyed with your business to-do list?
what tasks are taking up too much time in your head?
What important projects are you putting off right now because you just can't even?

Get the Click on Pinterest

Getting the click on Pinterest isn't just about eye-catching pins (although it really does a big part of the job).

You also need your pins to show up in search when people type their keywords into that little search box on Pinterest.

  • Keyword research about your preferred readers or buyers
  • Writing keyword rich pin descriptions that encourage you to find out more
  • Pin headlines that make you want to click
  • Pin images and designs that grab your attention

This is my recipe for improving CTR (click through ratio) on your Pinterest account.
We want more eyeballs on your webpages, opt-in pages, landing pages and other offers.

And Pinterest can get people on your website much faster than Google (while you're working on your SEO game).

Pinterest vs SEO

SEO is also an amazing way to send people to your site.

And the best part, Google will keep sending them for years and years to come (from personal experience).

But it can take more time to build.

While you're researching keywords and developing your content strategy with SEO, Pinterest can send you targeted traffic (the people that want what you're selling).

After building up your SEO content marketing foundation, you'll have 2 great sources of traffic coming to your site.


About the Author

Suzanne Berthuy
Content Manager      


There's nothing I love more than getting my hands on a client's message and helping her get it in front of more of the right people.
Some people think content is just social media copy. But that is only one part of it. Images, graphics, videos, articles, and email are a part of her content too.
Her message in her voice. Her brand. To her audience.

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