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I picked up a crayon when I was 3 years old and I never have put it down really. I even wasted my parents' money on an art degree.

Well, I'm only half dad has an art degree too and it hasn't been a total waste!

When I read or listen to your message, I see things.

No, I'm not hallucinating...just getting visually inspired my your words. I see images all the time. And I love to add them to your message.

Your words alone can get people's attention, but it helps if there's an eye-catching image to make them take a closer look.

My images can be a bit cheeky, cutesy, and even downright dorky.

But that depends on your message and personality more than me. You inspire me. It's just passing through my brain.

Here are some examples of work I've done for myself and others.


Some digital pencil portraits. I have a special skill for faces and can do cartoony images too.


Photo manipulation and mixing hand-drawing with photos is so much fun and can create some interesting and eye-catching results. This is a still image from an animation that I did.

Here are some still photo manipulations I created with a mix of drawing and photos.

small business owner has nothing to say
overwhelmed content creator

I have loved animation since I was a kid. I love making things move.
Especially things that normally shouldn't.

These animations really connect with the right people.
And can get people to engage with your content.
They WILL stop and look at it.

small business owner dreads content creation
frustrated small business owner

I have a knack for finding ways to getting people's eyes to look at things. And I keep trying (and checking the stats) until I find what does.
I learned a lot from a few viral video editors and marketers.

overflowing brain

Stay tuned.
This page is under construction ALL.THE.TIME

About the Author

Suzanne Berthuy
Content Manager      


There's nothing I love more than getting my hands on a client's message and helping her get it in front of more of the right people.
Some people think content is just social media copy. But that is only one part of it. Images, graphics, videos, articles, and email are a part of her content too.
Her message in her voice. Her brand. To her audience.

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