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Hi there,

I'm Suzanne Berthuy (that's pronounced Bare Twee)

Just call me Suzanne.

I built my first website in 2007. And I fell in love with the internet....and at the time SEO and writing (I think we were still on MySpace back then!).

And graphic design...but I've been in love with the visual arts since I was 3.

I live in Northeastern France in a quiet mountain valley in a wine region too. 

Natural Born Strategist

I may be a creative

But I'm just as analytical and strategic as I am creative.

Which makes social media the perfect place for me.
Copywriting, graphics and statistics! Oh My!
Is it Christmas?
Because this is the best present ever!

As much as I could write your social media copy for you, I know you need to connect with your people. Not me.

You already do it. 
They're the people that you LOVE working with the most.

And I know how hard it is sometimes to recognize your own genius. 
Sometimes you need a second set of eyes to remind you that...Hey! Your content really is awesome! Because you're blind to your magical amazingness.

We all are...it's not just you.

We were sold on the idea that YOU CAN DO IT, but they forgot to mention that we all work better in collaboration with others.

Is it time for you to get off the I CAN DO THIS MYSELF train?

Empathy Is My Middle Name

In my top 5 on the Clifton Strengths 34, you'll find Strategic, Relator and Empathy.

I LOVE connecting with people on a deep level.
Getting to know what they really want (and feel and think and say to themselves when everything just won't...)

And I've officially gotten off the I CAN DO IT ALL BY MYSELF TRAIN for good.

I don't wanna write your social media content for you.
I want to collaborate with you, your message, your words and your voice to help you bring your dream clients to you.

Because they are out there looking for you right now.

Let's make sure they find you.

What to Do Next

Got a few questions? Send me an email.

Or let's schedule a discovery call.

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I'd love to hear more about your business.
And how I can help you smile more and more
as your to-do list becomes more a pleasure than a pain.